did you do it your way..?


so did you..?


there may  at some point in your life…
that you wished  you have taken a different turn ..
and how things would have been different..
that you would have been otherwise …


kah kah kah
dont you dare think so…babe …haha..
fitrah beb…fitrah


so.. you ate it  up ..all of it..and you didn’t spit it out ..did you..?
guess you have taken the blows too haa….
but… now as the tears subside..
didnt you realise it was all so amusing..
and did you not glad that you did it…. your way ?


ekekekekek…motivasi ke ape ke hal ni.. heheh..


tuan2 dan puan,
allow me to present to you a song…
that has been the all time  favourite of  the ‘mantan perdana menteri’ … dr m
which in many years has been doing it his ways..
the many things that he did that has impacted on the life of many…
for good …for worst… your perception… yours..


please welcome ….RW
robbie william…
olang putih wooo…


lu olang tolong imagine arr..
ini olang nyanyi punye…wa laa..the ol’ laskal..
banyak kali woo …wa plaktis nyanyiii
tapi talak selupa..apa pasat haa..wa helan laa..
itu hali arr ..satu kali  wa nyanyiii…kalaoke…tiba tiba hujan tulun..banjir woo…


kasi klik arr…




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