it kills me….

i dont know wether i could kill anyone with my songs..
how could i..
i ‘ve never even sing a song other than singing it quietly to myself…
not.. even when i  was …young and i was handsome..hehe
but i know of  a singer who could kill  who  hears him singing..
the women especially ..
their heart are so vulnerable to song
they sees him just as how si ‘sabariah’ sees a ‘kassim selamat’ when he plays the sax.
no matter how many times he goes in and out of the rehab centre….
he dont need to look out for the yellow ribbon each times he goes out..
he knows ….
the ribbon of love for  him will still be there…
all  tied up ” ikat mati ” around the ‘ pokok ketapang’…
days later
he was already on staged….singing
” jauh sudah kuu mengembaraaa…”
and all the sabariahs….will keep on saying..
” dia ni baik sebenar nye ….hanye tu la…”
they…so forgiving towards him
because he sings good
he sings to kill
…and that…
it kills me…
careful ..dont get killed…haaa

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