silence is golden…



i ‘ m writting the following  ancient statement on my wall…

“Silence is a woman’s best garment.”

l am not sure if the phrase fits well with  woman in the era of facebook…
so i kinda browse around looking for the meaning of garment or clothing…

Clothing refers to any covering for the human body. The wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic and is a feature of most human societies. The amount and type of clothing worn depends on functional considerations (such as a need for warmth or protection from the elements) and social considerations.

In some situations the minimum amount of clothing (i.e. covering of a person’s genitals) may be socially acceptable, while in others much more clothing is expected.

i cant help noticing what they wrote on their wall..
weiii…segala benda weiii..
practically just about everything every minute what they are doing while they are still awake..

” tengah sakit perut.., tengah pening kepala ..

kat kedai kain..tengah meeting..

tengah masak…nak tidur laa…baru saja bangun tidur..

pergi breakfast…makan.. ”…

jangan tak tau …wa contohkan yg soft soft je….
sungguhpun wa banyak baca yg almost telanjang weiii..
in some cases haa.., lu olang tauu ka
its like you watching them on cctv…weiiii
the only things is ..its in the form of text…
the minimum amount  of  wall status exposure maybe socially acceptable,
while in others much covering is expected..
sometimes …
” silence is golden ”
i write it on my wall ..



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