my deepest cut…?


now,…how would i know wether the first cut really is the deepest..?
since i’ve been cut only once.. i’m so clean i’ ve no scar to show..
do you think i should get myself cut the second time..
maybe at least i could gauge wether the first really  is the deepest cut…?


you know, ..there’s some people..
you and i come across them sometimes..
and they are so vulnerable..
they get cut so easily till they forgot which one cut them the deepest !.
weiii…dont touch wood hah..
just wish me luck ehh..
that i wont be cut into many pieces the second time haa..
weiiii…..cut me..cut me please….
p/s …in dedication to my new blogging ground in wordpress.

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Once , a lead student of Kelas Malam. View all posts by the ol' rascal


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