you look wonderful… tonight

  1. Today Malaysia will meet Indonesia in the 2nd leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup final. The game will be played at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia kick off at 8pm our local time.
  2. It is weird that the final is played in two games at  home and away. In any other soccer tournament the norm has been that the final is always been played once at the ground of the tournament host or for some reason played on neutral ground. Malaysia won the 1st leg played at the Bukit Jalil Stadium by 3 – 0  last sunday.
  3. Recalling the many anti malaysia demonstration held including the throwing of human faeces at the malaysia embassy over issues of petty disputes the match tonight will have its own significant. This is a match of vengeance to most malaysian.
  4. There has been a ‘war of text’ in the social media sites of facebook and twitter between the diehards of both country. The most common status wriiten or tweet were ” malaysia curang”  implying the ‘cheating’  by the malaysian fans. The incident where lasers beam were pointed at the face of the indonesian keeper during the 1st leg match in kuaala lumpur was seen as trying hard to justify their humble defeat.
  5. Tonight we are going to kill them off completely from the sentiment of them being the  ‘big brother’ of football in this region.
  6. No matter what the result might be ..i have this to say to say to the malaysia team…” baby, you look wonderful tonight ”…
  7. weiii…..kalau boleh bagi mereka ngan similar  margin 3-0 ! ke…
  8. kah kah kah..letih aku  tulis blog konon2 nak tiru macam orang dah pro..ekekekek…

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