dairi seorang lelaki…?

  1. The end of 2010 is near. So fast  it is, that the next day when we report to work we are already in the third day in the year 2011.
  2. Then, we will  all  say it  ‘ how fast time flies..haa ‘   especially so when we start a conversation that has anything to do with begining of a new year. And we say it  again, to apologise ourselves when we mistakenly wrote 2010 for the year 2011  over our clumsiness…
  3. Time move or flies just the same …babe. 60 second a minute. 60 minutes an hour. 24 hours in a day.. God haven’t change that . We sort of seeking for an  ‘ excuse ‘  for the grey hair and wrinkles that has become more visible …kah kah kah…kelakar la beb…time flies fast huh…heheh..
  4. If i may ask, what did you do in 2010 that you become so obsessed you forgot to count  the wrinkles that has now increase in numbers. Ape punye soalan daa..itu. We didn’t do anything , we just went on with our  life , tending the daily chores, we go to work, paying the bills, the kid  went to school, and we tried to accumulate wealth as much as possible so that we could move life the way we want it…thats  all.
  5. Weii, since you and i write and read blogs, writting diaries has become things of the past. Weiii ni wa bagi tau haa, the following song  ” diari seorang lelaki ”  has been my favourite in 2010. I  turned it on each time i started  writting a new blog.
  6. Wishing you a happy new year 2011 and  i guess life  just  goes on haa..so keep on living life to the fullest. Remember, life is short. So be good haa…
  7. May Allah bless you and all of us. InsyaAllah.
  8. klik

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