the veteran of murphy’s law

In the factory i am perceived as the veteran.

Not a veteran of a vietnam war though but for being there before them and still around when they begin to realise that age is catching up.

Once in a while i do earn the due respect  for they know how tough and patience a person can be to have last the ” factory life ” they are currently enduring.

But it does not stop there. More often than not i had been asked the same questions again and again mostly from those who lost words on how to start a conversation with the veteran.

  1. So how many more years to retirement ?
  2. What will you do after retirement ?

And i keep on repeating the same uncertainty reply. That maybe i would seek an employment as a security guard. Sometimes i tend to amuse them with my fantasies ….

” oooh I would walk through the woods by the day and counting the glittering stars during the night”.

What will i do after retirement ?  Frankly, this questions has been in the mind for quite sometimes but yet to find the answer. You help me out then…pliizzz ….ekekekeke.

I leave it as it is for the moment and  maybe over the time  i will be able to decide the next course of action that suit me fine.  In the mean time i ‘ll stick to the idea of seeking employment as a security guard.

It is after all a noble job too. It is vacant most of the time and the only thing you have to do is pray harder ,  no one robs the bank while you are guarding it. And maybe i  can read law while on duty…kah kah kah..

And speaking of  law let me tell you. Of all the law(s) , i like murphy’s the most. Murphy law states that  ” if anything can go wrong, it will ”

Years ago i was representing the dept as the project coordinator and we were developing components for the national car. As the norm in every development things may not always goes smooth sailing as much as you plan it to be.

In between the span of development till delivery there is surveillances and meetings held to monitor the progress and problems that may arise.

And during  the meeting, the room will sometimes  be turn into the venue of a gunfight between two gun drawing cowboys at the slightest hint of issues that will causes delay to the project schedule.

On another day it can be the floor for ballet dancing or for some to perform the taichi. Some even rose up and became the prominent taichi master! Then there will also be someone who is always wiser than the rest of the quorums.

The gun drawing routine has grown to be  a  real phobia among the juniors like me each time there will be meeting especially in the presence of the Managing director .

In a meeting one morning somehow i became the focus of attention for my action or rather my inaction that causes the production line to stop. We were then at the critical stage as the new model car was about to be launch.

I was thrown with so many questions that it is almost compatible to the interogation by lawyers in the court of law. Every  explanation i made seems to be reflected as  lame excuses and unacceptable and this became a real torture to the mental.

In the end i reasoned  it out to them that it was the effect of murphy’s law. I went  further to eloborate it by saying

when things wants to go wrong, it will go wrong ”.

For a moment there was an immmediate silence…

Not sure wether they comprehend to what i said but after the silence of about 10 seconds the ‘ firing ‘ begins again . I was amused and please with myself for what i had said…kah kah kah

Now, as the veteran of the law of  murphy’s ,  do you think that there’s places somewhere  i could apply the murphy’s and become rich and famous . Cheers. the quest to be a better man..please send someone to love me…



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