do you have history… ?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.


I guess George Santayana who quoted this famous remark must have implied it to his past that is very much regretted.

Now you tell me, if you had a glorious past, why then would you feel bad or condemned to repeat it?

In the past i had fallen in love and eventually i got married.  Perhaps i may not want to remember it,  then i would fall in love with another and got married again and gathered two wives!  Isn’t that a blessing. Kah..kah..kah.. , that was the rascal in me.

When i was in school i had a history teacher who has a very relatively low voice. From the back of the classroom where i was seated all  i heard of him was his murmuring of some names and years which i cannot relate to what was the event about. In school  the subject of history has never been  more than a subject you can’t avoid if you are in the arts stream. Nevertheless i still made the grades and moved on.

History we all knew is about  the past and people who study it are historian. You and me who once upon the time wrote in the diaries and presently write blogs ain’t no historian eh. Then i came across another phrase by Oscar Wilde that says..

any fool can make history but it takes genius to write it..

Yes i can see that happening in the political scene. Politicians who tries to create history  for themselves. They say all sort of things to be attracted and to meet their ends by justifying to whatever the means . The masses became divided and are confused.

And in the midst of a political chaos  a hero will emerged.. one who will claim to be non rascist. Then he scholarly like repeat George Santayana  ”…..those who cannot remember the past…..” expecting to be look upon as the most learned historian cum a new leader in the making….kurr kurr….kurr..kurr.

Weii..why lah do we always has to relate the past that has made us divided. We say lah the things that has made  us very united …ecewahhhh…

Well..having been quoting all the famous remarks  by others  i think its about time i  put forward one my own. So this is mine ..purely by The Ol’ Rascal.

…do you have history ?…..

So quote it as it is from another famous as you please…ahaks

Then i became interested in the history of my own self. My past suddenly fascinate me, and i became like an insane  historian researching my own past. What i did and what i did not do. When did i do it and why did i not do it. Who was with me and who wasn’t…aku sindri pun dah fening ni….fening fening….

As i gaze back at the 52 years of my age that has left me, and somehow that there was some years were missing from my memory . I became interested to recall what exactly was in my mind, what was i thinking off, what did i do and have said at the age when i was 21 and in 1979. all i colud remember was, i was about to begin a career as a mat spannar and life was free and trang tang tang. 

If there is a tunnel that has an exit to the future or to the past. It is without any doubt that i would choose one that is to the past. I want to see again the moments where i was the angel and also the devil.

Where in heaven were you in 1979. ..tell me you like history?…



whatever your perception…

that was just the way i am…

kliking it  with love haa….


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