gitchy goomy

I heard it over the casette player for the first time in the seventies. I was 16.

Every day as i came back from school i will turn it on over and over again mainly because there were not many songs to choose from.Neil Dianond has a very clear manly and a husky voice.

So beside  gitchy goomy i also became fond of  his other songs in the same album such as.. canta libre , song sung blue , porcupine pie , i am i said, sweet caroline and another few i just couldn’t remember.

Back in my hometown after being kicked out from a boarding school i begin the year 1974 in a new school . The school where only  Prefects  allowed to wear a long pant.  And wearing kiddy short pant is a major constraints to potraying your reaching a manhood.  It was made further painful when the neighbouring school  was the Methodist Girls School and the Convent.

After a week  passed with repeated reminder i was called to the HM office.

A senior teacher in charge of discipline attended me.  He was a tall and burly combed his hair rearward and seems to speak only when it is real necessary.  He drove an old white colored benz bearing the registration number of and one of the alphabet has the letter G.

They all said it,  from the numerous public canning that took place he has sort of acquired the  art of  lifting the cane high up above his head at an angle of  some 180 degrees then he will have enough momentum by the time  his cane reaches any rascal’s backside.

My goodness he was Mr. George! You don’t play the fool with him arr and so that was a  reminder of sorts to stay away from him.

.…and why are you wearing a long are not a prefect..

Sir, all the pupils in the school where i came from before i join this school of ours wears long pant when they reach form four, sir.


So,   sir.. if i wear a short pant my knee  is visible its too obvious it is  protruding and ugly…sir

One more thing sir, my leg is hairy….

…and i rolled up my pant to the knee level and said…

Sir, see this..

pointing at my hairy leg to him i continued…

…malu ..sir

He then dismissed me  and i went out scott free. It puzzled me for a moment till the thought came to my mind that he must have been the one who has the most hairs on the leg than anybody else in the whole school..huhu..

And so i continued wearing long pants and the rest followed and soon it became adopted as the new set of standard uniform although as far as i could recall never has the school ever issue a circular  nor do they make announcement to that effect.

Man.. i guess all the mat romeos owed it to me…kah kah kah…

weiii..those are the steps i guess i climbed on  towards manhood huh…kurr kurr…kurrr kurrr….

Been there one time, been there two times,
Been there three times more than I care to be,
Seen it one time, seen it two times,
Seen it three times, lord ‘n’ it’s plain to see.
Ah, you gonna make it through gitchy goomy.
You ‘n’ me gonna make it through gitchy goomy.
Ah, you gonna make it through gitchy goomy.

..if it is not playable in wordpress. klik it to youtube then..



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