calm down and come down to tenang…

l guess i would be calmer wandering through the village in Kampung Tenang looking for a spot to cast my bait than it is reading the war of words by the politicians from both  the contesting parties  in  the Tenang by-election campaign.

And as easy it is today for one to jump on the blogging bandwagon  it has reach to a kind of frenzy in the bloggosphere. Its like a free for all. If you are worried that the words you write might be taken against you in the court of law then you would want to remain yourself  anonymous.

And i think someone in the government must have took notice of the increasing trend in the posting of irresponsible seditious and slandering remarks by some  citizens who has found  blogging as their new profound passion.  Yesterday the government announced that the guidelines of do’s and don’ts’ on the internet usage will be drawn. The bloggers are divided, while some bemused by this latest move some are more open by agreeing that it will keep the public more elert when they goes online. kurr ..kurr ..what about you sir..hehe..

What ever it is i think it has been too much politics in the country since 2008. It is to the the rest of the world that all this country does is politickings right from January to December. As faith it is our reps keep passing away one after another. Heck..why don’t we draft the law so that when a rep dies his seat be replaced by someone from the same party he represented till the next general election.

Well… i’m making a point to pick up the loser instead of predicting the winner. And the loser will be  you, me and the rest of the citizens of this country. kah …kah…kah…

Weii..i am tired too but please calm down and come down to tenang. Lets find a spot where we can cast our baits.


lets lite up the life of abang becak with a little keroncong..

go ahead , klik..



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