norway also can…

This is Thomas Cook Broen.

He  has been a lumberjack  for 20  years back in  Norway where he  came  from.

Broen came to Penang 10  years ago and tried what  was  recommended  and ate  the  Mee Goreng at the  stall  from  the Famous Mee  Sultan located at swatow  lane  junction.

Not only did he got hooked to the mee goreng but he got hooked up to Mohd Sultan’s daughter Habsah as well. He came back in 2009.  They got  married and three weeks ago blessed with a daughter Nur Lilian Mohd Thomas Cook Broen.

Broen said he managed to get his father in – law to teach him the art of frying the famous Mee Goreng however he still keep the secret of sauce preparation as a secret.

So anytime when you are in Penang don’t forget to make sure you drop by in Batu Ferringhi and try his air tangan huh..

Now, this really excite me and remind me of my two Norwegian friends.  When they get back here i want them to try their hands on the laksa utara. See if both of them can out do  Broen.

I am counting on you guys.  Norway boleh !!.


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