SN ke – 11


Datuk Dr. Ahmad Kamal Abdullah di umumkan penerima anugerah sastera negara ke- 11 yang membawa gelaran Sasterawan Negara. Beliau juga dikenali dengan nama pena sebagai  kemala. 

Aku petik salah satu puisi beliau dari multiply site  nye yang sarat dengan puisi. ..the injury of my words.



the injury of my words

words that came from nowhere

i use to idionise my injuries though

i don’t need your sympathy for now

i know you’re seem alienated and hard.

these injuries and words

are mine. no tears. no sighs.

words of injuries

blown by the morning wind

“hey you the unknown woman from the vast

green lake, have you seen

the lost son who turns a poet?

have you greeted him

and sewn his injuries?”

“no sir, i do not see

the lost son who turns a poet

but a whisper

from the love-bird

‘his injury is the soul’s

injury..”and words are encircling zenith of


from the distance, words

flying with unstoppable

blood drips.


Kuala Lumpur 22nd Sept 2008



weii…korang tolong jaga pulak the injury of  the ol’ rascal words..haaa..


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One response to “SN ke – 11

  • cinta

    saya sentiasa kagum dgn AKA … bahasa yg digunakan cukup indah dan simbolik … i wish i can be like him …

    and the injury of ol’rascal’s words …
    mind the words, let it injured …
    it won’t hurt to be injured …



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