Wa.. kena back stabbed beb….

Some years ago i went wandering in the cyberspace. Eventually, i got acquinted with fellow cyber wanderers and  then we were kinda like being tagged in a circle. I’ am happy and i thought they were, too.

While I have often declared myself  of being a  flirt but i have never for one moment attemp to hide my true identity and will also all the time declares that i am a happily married man with so many children. Did i ever tried to hide this facts? You tell me….

Most of the time when i was online I do attempt to quantify or define the parameters of my flirting.  And keep reminding myself   that at my age ..

” the ‘rumah’ says  ‘go.. go’  and the kubur will say.. mari mari..”

I wanted  the circles to know that I flirt only online and never would in person. Wa..pun tau malu weiii and respek orang jugak…wa pun sedar yang  muka wa ni bukan jugak hensem ..berserabut ada laa….

So let me continue haa…this time in english campur melayu because hati wa pedih woooo…

Wa ni kan .. an equal opportunity flirter lah !!…  Male, female, old, young, rich, poor, even children if they look like they need to be acknowledged. Ada pernah kah wa pandang korang rendah, …korang la wa respek almost macam gile babi beb, …kadang tu wa pulak jadi pemalu, ..pasal banyak kekurangan pada diri wa…tapi wa simpan je..

Selepas puluhan  tahun wa dah jadi manusia melayu wa pun tau that people respond to positive attention . Wa selalu suka nak gembira kan hati kawan2 wa…its free maaa.. mana ada kos…lagi pun wa miskin..lu pun tauuu…wa keje kilang je…

So wa ..call it “ flirting “,  but in reality nye,  it is simply “ positive attention ” and wa have found that people in general are craving it, sometimes starving for it. Alahaii..kamu pun suka gak kan sometimes bila wa potray diri wa.. as a cheeky old man. Ngaku wei…wa tak pandang lu serong. Wa pun tau some of you bertudung litup…

Wa.. mana ada  realise laa that when wa  buat sesuatu tu ….that will effect someones entire outlook on life, or maybe can cause them to have a better day, but IF wa can make someone feel better about themselves, even momentarily, isn’t that a good thing ke?.Wa ..womaniser ke?…sori beb..wa ingat …wa macam dah kena character assasination lah.

Wa ..mintak maaf bebanyak la pasal korang got acquinted with this orang tua gatal. Tapi when wa sembahyang lima waktu  pun do korang  think wa should announce it setiap masa…?

I just want to say….thanks  for your time  weii..i was happy and bahagia..but i was so naive to think it was otherwise in your part…

And I learned another fact in the art of flirting …the hard way. Its real painful beb…wa cakap luu..

Sorry haa..wa tak akan bagi  response pada comments.


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4 responses to “Wa.. kena back stabbed beb….

  • RHS17

    Salam…Dearest 0R…

    people can say what they wanna say about u..cheecky 0r flirting 0l man etc…..but here’s the thing wat i hve in mind b0ut u…u are a wise 0l’chap with al0t 0f wisd0m..th0se wh0 talk to0 much things b0ut u ..well…take it this way..they r 0bsessed b0ut u..let them talk…0wh P0sh!! th0se kinda people is what i called A T0TAL FREAKING NITWITS…tawu enggak? :p juz stay true n be urself..c0z ur 0ne 0f a kind…0l’ chap…sexy ..sassy & cute 0keh…thats y i lyke t0 teased u via my bie… hkhikhik… h0nestly b0th 0f us d0 hve highly respect t0wards u…

    till then..princess signing 0ut f0r n0w…

    take care & stay true t0 be u…t0 hell wth wat 0ther peeps wanna say…talk to0 much ..ask them t0 pee away!! l0lz…

    p/s:..give princess ur sweetest smile via my bie….hikhikhik 🙂

    Regards n Wsalam..


  • PakMail

    Bro olrascal,

    Look on the bright side bro. Cheer up. We are just human. Nobody is perfect. People made mistakes.

    So do I.


  • Den Cdo

    Bro what’s going on. ? Sorry to hear that..Hopes u will not take it seriously…actually i am glad to have cyber friends like u…I think i am flirting more than you [+] hahahhaa…who’s cares….as long as we know the boundary…we have declared our status, we had speak our minds….for those who thinks that WE [you and i} are damn rascal …or whatever it may….ADIOS….stick and stone will not break my bones…words ..??/>…hehehee let it be..let it be…….and planning to take…..yellow submarine ..!!!


  • cinta605

    dah lah tu, weiii …

    “barang yg lepas, hai jgn dikenang, kalau dikenang, merajuklah diri …”

    lain padang, lain belalang … mungkin belalang kat padang tu jenis belalang pelesit. kalau belalang tu tikam belakang, PA lak patahkan tengkok dia … baru betul gayanya.

    alahai … org tua merajuk, buruklah PA ooii … dah dah, pi cukur misai n janggut tu … berserabut wa tgk laaaa …..



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