meeting a fellow explorer…


 what a surprise..

i met him..

not on top of  bukit broga though..


at the kedai mamak..

in the month of ramadan…


and over a teh tarik..

we chat about an hour or two before midnight..


from virtual to reality..

yet another invitation from him to explore..

and..this time ..its hutan belum..?



well ..bukh81

you go ahead enjoy the abundant of energy in you ..


i’m old ..

i have to reserve mine and apply to where it matter most..



maybe we ‘ll meet again haaa..sometimes





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Once , a lead student of Kelas Malam. View all posts by the ol' rascal

2 responses to “meeting a fellow explorer…

  • nitestalkerz

    hutan belum, gi eksplore ikan2 dia la bro, tp boleh mancing lagi ke kat hutan belum tu? huhuhuhu


    • bukh81

      ha3… thanks PA utk entry nih…. x sangka dpt gak jd cover page PA utk issu kali ni kan….. 🙂

      emm kat Hutan Belum tu masih dibenarkan untuk memancing, boleh ja nak pancing kelah or apa2… tp cuma pancing dan tangkapan cumka boleh makan disitu, tidak dibenarkan utk bawa balik…



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