its spring…

Weiii…its spring  time in Malaysia.

The trees along the road where i drives thru every day getting in and out of the kampung is blossoming. Its not cherry trees though but its sure look like one.

I could also smell fruits.  Aahh.. its not apples or grapes or peaches.  What else ..durian laa..ekeke.

There were rows and rows of trees in full blossom

And today the sky is grey and cloudy and cold but its not raining  and the flowers are popping out all over the grass.

Its my favourite kind of weather…babe.

Alahaii …lu orang tak perasan ke musim bunga sekarang ni…

Wa jiwang  sikit2  tak boleh ke?


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12 responses to “its spring…

  • dinrias

    Musin bunga wa x perasan tapi musim mat bunga kat opis wa perasan lah….huhuhuhuhuh….. tu lah lu….. toleh sikit kat dalam opis tu….wakakakakkaka


  • Cinta Menora (@CintaMenora)

    springs …
    reminds me of time remembered is grief forgotten
    frosts are slain and flowers begotten
    in green underwood and cover
    blossom by blossom the spring begins
    the flowers anew
    returning seasons bring
    memories … of someone i loved before … hmmmm


  • ujang kutik

    Sdr theolrascal,

    Tiada apa dosanya kita larut dengan alam kita, milik kita. Saya sendiri acapkali ‘dianugerah’ fantasi sedemikian.

    Untungnya, tuan ialah segelintir rakan maya yang ‘alert’ bahawa saya sedang di bawah pengaruhi dimensi bawah sedar. He…he..


  • matt

    mamat mana yg tgh berbunga tu? cer citer….citer……hehehe

    OR/Cinta Menora,
    Whatever it is, i can always sense the luv in the air that i breathe….:)
    btw, i wonder how is the real spring at kampung mem OR ye?

    Salam Ramadhan buat semua……


  • max

    nak makan epal kt pokok la bro…..lama dh teringin….asik tgk kawan kita jer yg bermewah2….hehehe

    I was born with good odour….no need to use perfume….hikhik



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