the tale of three camels – intro

Sejarah nye wa mula berblogging adalah di multiply. com.

Kebanyakan posting wa pada awal  lebih dalam bahasa inggeris dari bahasa kita ni haa.  Grammar bahasa inggeris wa yang lintang pukang wa hamtam kromo syok sindri gak semacam sebab masa tu wa terlalu excited berblog.  Masa tu wa ni very much in my own world lah..ekeke.

Kemudian wa upgrade diri wa sindri lalu wa berblog di wordpress sapertimana sekarang ni yang wa anggap akan jadi lebih serious dalam blogging world wa. Lalu wa tinggalkan tanpa menutup akaun nye.

Baru2 ini wa dapat notis dari bahawa ciri2 multimedia nye akan di tutup. Maksud nye mereka tidak lagi akan menyediakan server untuk blogging , photo dsb. Sehingga awal bulan Disember ini pemilik akaun di beri notis untuk memindahkan kandungan2 atau akan secara otomatik akan terdelete. Keputusan perniagaan telah membuatkan mereka menukarkan site multiply menjadi site untuk e-commerce.

Semasa di multiply lagi wa sudah pun memulakan cerita kisah2 di jabatan.

Antara nye adalah siri  ” the tale of three camel ”  ini.  So entry di bawah ini ada lah sebahagian dari proses permindahan yang sedang wa lakukan. Mungkin  posting yang lain2 wa termasuk juga gambar2 akan wa cuba selamatkan ke site yang akan wa tentukan sedikit masa lagi.

So di bawah ini wa layan diri wa sindri mengimbau entri lama wa di multiply….

This is a tale of three friends.

They are  aziz , abdullah and shahbudin
Among the three aziz is the eldest.
He is also sometimes refered to as abang aziz 
by virtue of his age and has the most
number of children.
Abdullah or simply known as dollah is the
youngest among them.
But one must be tactful  when dealing with him..
Otherwise one will walk away with
a very bitter smile.
Shabudin or din  seldom move around..
He is mostly confined in front of the monitor
juggling with 3D data wireframes.
You pass by him from behind  and he would
follow you by the corner of his eyes .
So never take him for granted.


Looking at how they posed in the pictures,
I guess, one can’t help agreeing that they are
enjoying every bit of the moment..
I can imagine it.

And why shouldn’t they.?….
They are  the pioneer ‘ unta ‘ in the dept..

Its their day off. …
aaa…info… all of them are smokers
and a heavy one too.
Wonder how many packs they brought
with them on a trip like this….

Unta..?!    Yes ..unta..  untaa….camel lah!!
Unlike the werewolf,  these three friends..
only becomes the  ‘ werecamels ‘  during the
work days.
We will see the event that lead them into
becoming an unta at the end of the blog.
[pic-beijing-the great wall].

They joined the company in the same year..
And has been going up the stage to recieve the
long service awards for already a few
times together now..
They are shy camels and have stagefright.
Given the option they would prefer to
received it quietly at the dinner table.
Ooo yes…picture above was taken
in gui lin, south china.
Gui Lin has the most beutiful and spectacular
sight that they have ever seen.
And for this they are grateful to the company.
And this photo was taken at some
roundabout in bali.
Having ‘ unta ‘ in the dept can be a dilema,
to some ‘human’ staff at the jabatan  at times.
These camels are not as easy adapting  
to organizational changes especially when it
has something to do with what they normally do.
They  also can create an ‘ unconfortable ‘
moments for the bosses.
These untas  normally would wants to perform task
that they are used to and confortable with.
And would not like to do tasks that requires
using a lot of the brain….ekeke
Nevertheless…and more often than not
they would perform task that nobody  are able to.
Instruction will be adhered only from
the right  ” tuan ”.
Is thats how camel are.?.


This photo was shot at the entrance of the 
korean folklore muzeum in seoul, korea.
Later they were ‘ rescued ‘ by the guide
for loitering at the wrong entrance after the
muzeum tour while the rest are already
onboard to move on.
Look! ..
They folded their arms!!
Well.. being among their own species
i guess  they felt very much in their habitat. ..
..err ..did i miss anything..?


Yes..about the the event that lead them into
becoming an unta ..
Please read the following chronology of event…
Its not me who created  it, i found it somewhere,
many years ago. 
W e i i……..
kalau kita menunggang unta 
sama ke rasa nye
saperti mana kita menunggang kuda.?

And would it be strange if as soon as you 
onto  the camel’s back you start yelling like a cowboy..

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