the tale of three camels – mission in shanghai..

Pada mula nye wa ingat nak update beberape peristiwa yang wa lalui sepanjang minggu ini. Namun bila teringatkan ada peristiwa menarik yang tidak terakam kerana camera hp wa mengelami kerosakan lalu mood wa jadi sedikit kendur.

Lalu wa pikir punye pikir baik lah wa upload siri ‘ tiga ekor unta ‘ yang telah wa mulakan pada entry yang lepas. Wa sambung bahagian kedua dari tiga siri. So begini lah kisah nye…

Recently the three camels flew to china on a special misson.


The VVIP of the company decided to have his holiday with his spouse spent in shanghai.

A VVIP is normally a gentle person.  Being a rich person they don’t do things that is too physical like changing flat tyres, move or carry loads, etc.  Some don’t even know how the fuel tank cap look like in their own car!

The more richer, one gets..the more fragile one becomes. Well…am not sure of that fact…its my own…my perception.

 When they go roaming on a street in a city of 17 million people like shanghai their safety becomes vulnerable. They may becomes very fragile.

Nanjing road is the most important commercial centre in china.It  has the world longest shopping district stretching about 6km.

So this is the mission for the three camels.

BODYGUARD the company VVIP  on a holiday and particularly when they do shopping on the busiest road in China.

Just look at his stare! He meant business … beb.

He just wont laugh when you crack a joke. His sense of humour just decreases when he is on a task such as this.

In shanghai his code name is camel beta (camel no. 2 ).The only time when he laugh is when he cracked his own joke. And you better laugh too otherwise he might turn and make you the subject of his joke. That will be the moment you don’t want to remember for a long long time…                                                                                

At the far side is BODYGUARD #3
 His code name  is camel charlie   (camel no. 3). You will talk to him unilaterally.
In any  argument he must be on the winning term,  even if  it doesn’t make sense just because he has a mission.  Apply the general common sense to yourself only. May i repeat and remind that he has a mission to take care of.  You might win your way ONLY if it make cents to him. Please remember that.

At the near side is the lead camel. He is camel alpha   (camel no.1). You may wish to negotiate with him on things that matters to the other two camels.

His looks sometimes reflect the brutality you dont want to come into face with but if  it makes sense he can comes into terms with you.

Speak slowly and clearly to him and apply extra effort to make sure he understand what you are trying to say. Otherwise you may end up  being confused and asking  yourself wether he understood you or you don’t understand him and the chances is you may get  exhausted.


Upon arrival at pudong international airport he was specially single out to be scrutinized due to his sporting a rappers head scarf ,  a beard and his passport carries the word  ” bin ”. 
His appearence surely attracted the attention of the chinese people.    

As the story goes…..woman will always be woman. So once on the shopping street at the peoples park the VVIP spouse wasted no time.  She rushed into the nearest shop for the china silk. The VVIP  followed from behind with his hand at the back pocket, just to ensure that his wallet is still intact.

[ On the picture above – the McD outlet is thru a small
entrance that goes downstair.  Just underneath the McD signboard is the main entrance for the china silk store.]

So one of them went in to check if everything is in order and left the VVIP couple for their privacy while the other two are waiting  outside.   

Now..when they are together they seem to be very much in their own world. No one really knows the topics of their conversation.  ..they just continue to lit cigarettes one stick after another and laugh and laugh and occassionally pointing their fingers at something and to somewhere.

It took a while until the VVIP couple finally came out. Once the couple are out ,  the camels are on their toes again. The couple then move on to further browse the street. Their ‘ alien ‘  face attracted a lot of street touts in nanjing road .

Some touts are quiet aggressive if you re alone. You may never know who and what their intention really are .  There may also among them are street thugs , whores.. hawking on looking for a prey.

 When they move on in the middle of thousands of people they are not familiar with the bodyguards then becomes very suspicious to everything. They are trying to detect any potential danger that is detrimental to the safety of the persons they are guarding. 
Notice how they guarded the VVIP couple. Camel beta walks in front while camel charlie folded his arm and watching to every movement the couple made from behind.

Look!!  the position changed.  While camel charlie guards from a distant beyond this scene , camel alpha takes over from behind while camel beta is still maintaining his position.The couple are guarded in a triangular manner.

On one occasion camel alpha brushed away a street tout from approaching the VVIP couple without even the couple noticing it.

This is remarkable!……….
[Note:  Camel Alpha is wearing the same t-shirt he wears on a fishing trip in Kelanang, Banting ]

They seems to be so well coordinated in their duty. Its amazing and they look very much like a pro. Later after the shopping spree they were invited to join the couple for an evening snack, they obliged and felt honoured

to share and exchange  conversations with the VVIP couple.

And they  fortunate enough to have the chance to visit to some  tourist attraction like this  river village,  a chinese tea centre and they took the opportunity to snap  some photo for the memories. bolllywood  they can be when on the loose….

Well …what else can i say…..
Sharing a flirty moments with a chinese …..

[ alahaii.. they should have positioned the young lady in between them. ..ini macam mana ala gentleman maaa..selupa unta.. takde pelasaan ]

Weiii…..ada perumpamaan orang putih…. ”  the last straw on the camel’s back  ” 

Korang ingat2  aaar bila atau ape  benda” the last straw ”  tu  yg akan buat tiga unta ni serik. 



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