the tale of three camels – on the battlefield..

Dengan tersiar nye episod  ” on the battlefield ” dalam siri the tale of three camel ini maka berakhir lah sejarah kisah tiga ekor unta dalam jabatan wa. Wa tidak bercadang untuk menyambung nye lagi.  Maka posting ini wa rasa lebih membawa makna  kepada pembaca dari dalam jabatan wa sendiri. Ini antara liputan dari peristiwa2 yang di lalui bersama  dan telah menjadi sejarah jabatan. 

Wa kenangkan semula peristiwa semasa sambutan hari jadi untuk top brass officer jabatan wa yang telah berlangsung beberape tahun yang lalu….



Last wednesday
in between the war zone the general celebrated his
birthday simultaneosly with his top brass officer
organized by his fellow troop.
In his short speech right above the colorful cake ,
with the candle still burning ,
he said.. ” i don’t want to add anymore to the number
pointing to the numerical inscription on it.

Normally on a ‘ battle field
the three camels react differently.

They have their own individual instinct and approach
to any different situation that they may encounter.

On this situation..
Din (camel beta) stood quietly in the distant at the

rear with his hands in the pocket.
He did not utter even a word!.


Din, obediently stood still guarding  his post,
with his hands still in the pocket,……
yes he did not utter a word but his eyes were

observing the unprecedented behaviour of the
other two fellow camels.

He was recording it and saving it  in between his two ears.

All of a sudden..from nowhere..
Camel charlie appeared right in the middle of

the ‘ celebrities ‘ demonstrating all of his cheekiness.

Just look at him…..!

Immediately when all of them has adjourned

for the refreshment , he grab a fellow

recruit gave him the birthday cap , snatched

the knife and asked for photo of him to be taken.

My goodness!
He is acting as if this is  his own birthday party!
Din might have shaken his head in total disbelieve.

Camel Alpha took a different approach……
he proclaimed himself as the Master of Ceremony.

{pic. front right}.

Then he took a highly diplomatic manner among the ladies.
Just look at his manly pose!.
[but i reckon he will not take his cap off ].

He was the only thorn among the roses!.
For one moment he was the ” ladies man “..
Korang tau ka berapa dia punya umur?

Later the following day during a ” cigarretes session ” between the three camels, din voiced out his observation ……

” ..ko orang aku tengok semalam kemain lagi ye….
beghiye ghiye siap bekuak kuak aaaar …..
..oowhh pasal esok  appraisal kan..kan..kan…”

The immediate response from the other two were….
..” hehe    he..he…”




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