the makcik blogger.

” the makcik blogger ”  adalah salah satu blog entri dari blog lama wa di Multiply.

Multiply akan di tutup menjadi  e-commerce site pada 1 Dec. 2012 nanti. So wa just copy n paste dalam cubaan menyelamatkan hasil  kerje  yang tak bergaji yang wa lakukan.

Makan tahun gak lah  wa menjejak spesis makcik blogger ni.

Kalau ada tawaran dari  National Geographic Society  mahu wa sambung lagi,  itu pun mungkin sebagai photographer saperti mana kawan wa eddie..


They commented each others blog.
Then they got together and a circle of friends was created.
A circle among mothers  who blogs in the blogosphere.

They are  the ” MAKCIK BLOGGER ”.

This is ezza …aka kak ezza..

And this posting is all about her.
During her first meeting..

When friends meet..
 unprecedented behaviour
boleh  muncul secara tetiba..
Mrs N
” amboi…amboiii ”
see..?  thats the typical word..
when a woman bercekak pinggang..

Then she met waterlily at the restoran mamak..
…when the later was on transit home
from Abu Dhabi to Kuching.

Her second gathering at the melting pot, Concorde.

dodie, kak elle (s’pore), saraque (selayang), kak nong (bnm).
ummi365, kak ezza, mak lang (kertih), and mas (concorde)

Then the gatherings gets more frequent.
This time at kay’s home in shah alam.
i guess …soon it may well become their habitat.

…and this was hi-tea at ” the curve ”, damansara.
Soon after the hi-tea she bump on dr m at the entrance.
She did manage to snapped on him.

And not exaggerating,.. dr m really did smile at her….

Then i kinda notice that …..she..
kak ezza silently manouvre every opportunity in
meeting her fellow bloggers..
from all over the places where i were obligated to go.
This picture was taken at the Legend….
when the ol’ rascal had his dept family day at
the mercu cerating .
Featuring : mamasita, sherry and jehan with her daughter.
While they meet….the ol’ rascal was away on
the deep sea….fishing.

We were among the last to leave mercu.

But her..

  ” lama la tak pi trengganu.. ye bang….”
..obliged me.

We drove further up to kerteh and found

ourselves enjoying lunch at teratak mak lang .

Contrary to the word ‘ teratak ‘

…mak lang’s teratak is …a castle !!…
and for one moment  i  became kinda humble in silent

.. thinking if  i were to become host to her

and to the most of them..
.. the circle of makcik bloggers.

On an unexpected event i drove her to state , pj.
It was an event for sakmongkol ak47.

When we reach restoran Lotus i noticed the

unfamiliar faces other than kay and mamasita.
And i cant be shying away so I shook hand
with dato sak and
introduce myself as his silent reader.

I met bernard khoo aka ‘ zorro unmasked ‘
and got acquinted with rashid yusof who’s penname is

” sri ombudsman ”,
an ex- journalist with the nst.

At the end of the teh tarik session
dato sak were so kind to give away some prepacked
local dragon fruits to those who were present.

And he paid the bills too. TQ dato….

On another day ..
there was an invitaion from kak pah ” tadika aulad 
on the engagement of a her daughter.
Present were ashley . kak nong and Pb……

We attended their daughter’s wedding, in bangi.
The nasi briyani was so marvellous and i

complimented this to the host.

And this is salmah beach (oklahoma).

And she was  most nostalgic to kak ezza.
She went to new york for the  renewall

of her pr or passport,…and so i heard.

Salmah was the first net friend of  kak ezza.
Back in 1998 they used to chat on

the msn messenger and on icq.

She met salmah and bill in ipoh at linda’s when
the couple came back for a visit.
She also met ‘ nek rock ‘ (arizona) when she too
came back from the states.
Notice that ‘ ae ‘ handbag.? was a birthday
gift from salmah.
But she’s not wearing the watch that nek’s
gift to her..
for some reason…

Back in the USA salmah and nek rock used

to visit each other
and there were occasional exchange of serai with
lengkuas in between them.

We attended our ex neighbour kenduri
kahwin in melaka.
Displaying again her tricks …
we ended enjoying the unforgetable..
‘ assam pedas melaka ‘ at ms hart’s.

And it was, sort of drama like jejak kasih
when alang met kak ezza.
It was a plot schemed by ms hart.
Alang was in a very great surprise.
She was least expecting it…haha..
She attended the pahang art exhibition
at sri pentas organized by mamasita.
There was a free lunch .. i heard.
There was also a surprise …for puteri..

It was all smiles….
and i wasn’t brave enough to be the ‘ ladies man ‘.

Most recent …..briyanis lunch at KG;s
taman zooview.

On a another time ..and on our way to perlis
she met cik milah at juru in penang.

..and on the folllowing day..
at the menara alor star
…she met lyana and naz
and their children and…
..and i got acquinted with their husbands..

their last meet for the year 2009
at the daves deli …one utama
it was new year eve
ms hart…
admitted to ward at the putera medical centre,
melaka asam pedas
invited to ..mamasita son’s wedding
and i congratulated dato sak..
dapat menantu cantik..
at kay’s
baca yassin dan tahlil
in duet with zen…
 karaoke session at the lake club
and they sang…the song
” bila larut malam ”
and i said…to myself..
‘bila nak balik ni”..
my goodness..
mak lang of kertih came over..
at our very own home..!!
and we served them…mee udang..!!
i was away at work. Met them by the road side ..
gues i just apologise kalau ada yang terkurang.
time passes by…..
blogger dalilah tamrin
raden galoh of  ”one breast bouncing
 passed away peacefully
she died of breast cancer..
i drove kak ezza in lightning speed to hkl the
day before..and she did talk to her for the last time,
some eight hours
or so before she passes away
Below are among moments of kak ezza and
her fellow blogger’s visit
to her house months earlier..
semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh nye..

time passes by…

… On one sunday morning ..
and the weather is ceria giler..
we were about to choose which lauk will comes
good with the nasi lemak,
then she got a call…immediately when she hung up…
she said to me..
 bang, go.. get kosmo..
and i said..
baik la…memright away  ma’am…
..and we read the  front page…

harramak..!! for goodness sake ..

what happen laa !…dato’ sak….datin mamasita..?
…beberapa jam kemudian…..
i’m back at my job again ..
a good old faithful supir..thats what i am..
driving  this celebrity blogger to yet another function…
baca yassin for the late dalila (raden galoh) at kay’s
aahh…puteri at the far end..
just last night ..we met her.
my…she, was a good singer..yes she was..
you all makan semua ni…ke?
hmmm……no wonder laa….
esok aku jual slimming pill….sure laku ni

just in case dorang lupakan aku..

baik aku taruk gambar aku siap siap…
goodnight world…..
its  been quiet in the month of ramadan 2010
i dont remember driving her anywhere to the circle
but the facebook has been in frenzy…
can’t imagine if this streamyx line were to broke down …patah dua
yes…to the market..

 mahal lah ikan sekarang ni  ”

i heard her say that..
i had my hands in the pocket..and
shook my response, ..what else could i do ..
pergi mancing ke laut pun tak pernah dapat ikan besar..
they met again..over breakfast
pelita , jalan telawi bangsar..
attended .. her daughter permentasan teater
di auditorium muzium negara
and this was our invitation..
..all delivered..
anak nak kahwin ye..?
errr.. i think i needed a break now..
bagi sini panadol  tu….
nov 6, 2010
glad they came..
thank you..makcik bloggers
..and so the life of makciks2.. continues…
some months later..
i drove her to kuantan…why?
because she said so..
a weekend get-away…28th annivessary ..
..lama tak jumpa kawan laa
macam2 excuses la..
a loyal supir that i am..

hmmm..breathtaking sight

on the way to kuantan

i was seated right in front..
heard both of them talk about cats, anak2..and all those womanly stuffs..
for hours..and hours and hours.
sekali sekala aku angguk2 juga kepala..
to stay macam relevant.

to make long story short…

we met an accident in kuantan..
our car were towed to the police station and to the workshop
…balik kl naik bas..

macam2 hal

meriah sungguh kehidupan ni…


i don’t know if  i  will continue to trek down
the trail of  the makcik bloggers..
..and that was the rascal in me..

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