a failed mission..

They had a plan to wreak havoc the fishes under the sea in between the islands. It was suppose to be a  Grand Endurance trip to their fishing profile.

And last weekend they made the trip to Krabi ~ Phuket….

The three members are..

Dinrias.. the lead moderator of  kakipancing.net, an online forum for anglers and fishing enthusiast.

 Max.. the co-owner of  a togok (kelong) off the coast of Muar.

And  him ..the ol’ rascal,  a part time blogger and a veteran to fishing in Pulau Angsa with hundreds of ikan gelama to his cap.

Later in the afternoon they sat and  discussed..

Dinrias will go  hire a boat.  Max will take care of  logistic and fishing equipments.  The ol’ rascal will gather fresh baits.

But then.. man proposes god disposes. There was a sudden twist to their planning..

Dinrias  became confused between a bus and a boat.

And max became interested in finding nemo instead of the fishing gears.

That night the ol’ rascal did find the baits he was looking for at the pasar malam.   The shrimps cost 170 Baht/kg.

But somehow he got hooked on a different type of  baits.

They failed miserably….what a crap they were.


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Once , a lead student of Kelas Malam. View all posts by the ol' rascal

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