lakukan nye sekali lagi..?


The World’s Top Retirement Havens in 2013


Malaysia di tempat ke-3 sebagai negara terbaik untuk tinggal dalam persaraan mengikut bagi tahun 2013.


3. Malaysia: Asia’s Most Desirable Destination

By Keith Hockton

Malaysia retirement“Go back to New York to live? Never!” says 65-year-old Lorna Taylor. “We moved to Malaysia because of the weather, the golf and the low prices; our costs are now a third to a quarter of what they were in the U.S. We even have a maid come in and clean four times a week. We couldn’t do that in New York. No, we’ll never leave Penang.”

I’m 30 years younger than Lorna and her husband John, and yet they still manage to beat my wife Lisa and me convincingly at tennis. They have a coach who comes twice a week, and for $10 a lesson I can see his efforts are clearly paying off.

I also completely understand and agree with their view about Malaysia. It has everything. Its weather is a tropical 82 F all year round and its beaches, islands and jungles are pristine. It has some of the region’s best street food, great restaurants, bars, shopping malls and movie theaters—and it’s all affordable.

Lisa and I rent a sea-view apartment for $1,000 a month—it comes with a shared pool and gym. We eat out five nights a week, keep a small sailboat, and our total budget is $1,719 a month. Two people can have a three-course meal here for $10.

A bagful of fresh fruit costs around $4. We also have a maid that comes once a week for four hours at a cost of $12.

Malaysia’s an easy place to make friends and integrate as English is the unofficial first language. Lots of expats live in Kuala Lumpur and Penang and numerous organizations here can help you get settled and integrated. For example, the International Women’s Association (formally The American Woman’s Association) has just over 500 members who organize activities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. On Mondays there are jungle walks, Tuesdays mah-jong (a type of card game), Wednesdays sewing. They sponsor trivia night once a week at a local pub and put on a ball once a year. For more information, see here.

Penang and Kuala Lumpur are also medical centers of excellence and every day two planeloads of medical tourists arrive in Malaysia for various treatments. Not only is the health care amazing but it’s among the world’s cheapest. And prescriptions here cost a fifth of what you pay at home.

The last time I was at the dentist I got a filling and a cleaning, which cost $22.50. In the U.S. this would set me back around $180. We can also buy property, land, and houses and condominiums freehold—something you can’t do elsewhere in Asia.


Kemudian wa baca berita persatuan pekerja kita yang sedang memperjuangkan supaya tarikh berkuatkuasa  persaraan hingga 60 tahun itu bermula dari 1jan 2013.


More than 500 thousand private sector employees would lose out on the option of extending their retirement age, if the minimum retirement age of 60, was enforced on July 1st.

According to the UNI Global Union-Malaysia Liaison Council, UNI-MLC the enforcement and implementation dates for the retirement age should be consolidated and implemented starting January 1st, this year.

Its president Mohamed Shafie BP Mammal said this was to allow those who retired between January 1 and June, involving about half a million workers, to continue to be employed.

About 300 UNI-MLC members also marched to the Prime Ministers office in Putrajaya today to hand over a memorandum to seek the premier’s intervention in the matter.

Prior to this, Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam had said the Minimum Retirement Act which set the private sector retirement age at 60, would come into force on July 1, this year.


Semalam dalam perjalanan pulang  dari Kuala Lumpur wa berada di Lebuhraya Kesas ketika matahari sedang melabuhkan diri dari arah Barat.

Wa snap permandangan itu dengan camera handphone.

Wa tak kisah lah jika wa sorang2 saja yang appreciate  gambar ini. Wa kan syok sendiri.. ekeke.




Does anybody wants me to do that  one more time..?


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