Some times ago i wrote,  if i were to earn a living through this blog  i would have then died of hunger. I guess all the bloggers whom i followed their blogs would have also died of starvation ..haha.

Well, this blog do take up the megabyte space of the domain server and most likely to have also litter the internet but i ain’t gonna bid farewell yet..hehe

It has been five months since my last posting. Time do flees from my hand like sands in the wind.  And i thought i write in English this time and surprise the little readers who followed this blog.

Yes, I ‘am  alive alright but i guess i have not been kicking as hard as i want and used to. Age just caught up on me.  Nevertheless,  roaming and being there along the coastline has never fail to pump up the adrenaline rush in me.

Guess the photos i will post and have posted in this blog are all the same.. the jetties, the beaches , the sampans and sampan and more sampans..haha.

Heck ..the coastlines are all in my backyard..!!


Sg. Janggut, a fishing village near Pantai Remis along the coastline of the state of Selangor.

Pantai Sg. Janggut

Pantai Sg. Janggut

A  Chinese fishing village in Sg. Janggut.



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