wake me up when september ends..

Towards the end of the first week of September we did an unplanned weekend getaway. Suddenly we felt we needed a break especially the Ma’am for the reason ” lama dah tak keluar kampung ”.

So we simply drove away and to the Cameron Highlands .

We spend the night in an English styled Inn in Tanah Rata. While the ma’am were enjoying the scenery away from home, i took pictures with the handphone.

It took me awhile scrutinizing this claw-like petal type  flower because of the color. And i thought it was made out of plastics but it is not.

We drove home  through Tapah and along the way downhill somehow we got  excited each time we notice a Petai tree though we have got a big bunch of them in the boot.

Well i guess i ‘ll go into hybernating again..and wake me up when September ends..ok.


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