ammar moments..

My wife and i were invited to join for a trip to Dungun last weekend. Though i was initially reluctant to travel and stay with someone we were not so used to, we were still very pleased and happy to obliged nevertheless.

I kept on forgetting the name of this little mate as he has also other siblings traveling along. And asking again for the umpteenth time will not make me feel good either. Instead i  asked him if he could spell his name on the pretense to scribble it on the sand when he looked poise for his picture to be taken. Each time he spell it i would then scribble the alphabet on the sand with a stick.

Well, i was surprised. I don’t know that i have such a good handwriting… hahaha.

And as much as Ammar seems to be enjoying every minute of his time at the beach with his siblings  i too was just as  shutterbug happy to capture that moments for them.

We didn’t take long to be closer together.

I had a little conversations with him over his adventurous request to have a boat ride instead of sitting on a boat that is on the land. He told me we could push the boat to the sea and we will have a ride. I didn’t tell him that even if i would have the permission from the owner i wouldn’t have the energy to push it to the sea and neither do him. I just told him we can’t take the boat simply because it is not our boat. Somehow my answer did get into him.

Later he found some interesting sea shells and showed it to me and he wanted it to be captured on camera. It is with great pleasure i shot it for him.

Ammar.. InsyaAllah, we will be a travelmate again sometimes..


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