An August Trilogy..

When i was in my late forties, contemplating about reaching the retirement age became one of  the remedies to rid of the pressure of making ends meet.

I suppose by 55, most of my children would  have grown up, started  their own family and i would by then retired and switching the job to the task of sending and picking up the youngest child to and from her school.

Then we would spend the rest of our life together counting the stars, travel to places, walks through the woods and lived happily ever after .. just like the fairy tales ..haha. So, what i needed to do back then was just be calm and be patient.

Back to the present day, today, i am almost 60, still wakes up in the morning to report to work. I guess not all dreams will come true and practical.. ya.

Nevertheless we did what we had dreamt of like gazing the sky to count the stars.. travel to places no matter how short the distance be and walks thru the woods..


Counting the Stars..

Couple of weeks ago, after reading the news from the National Space Agency that  the Perseids meteor shower will be visible over the night sky in the country and the peak time to watch this celestial display was about 1.30 am that  Sunday.

Stargazers could  see the fireballs from the brightest bits of Perseid entering the Earth’s atmosphere with the naked eye and among the best spot to witness it is at Pantai Remis, KualaSelangor.

So armed with a DSLR i drove to Pantai Remis at midnight  with the daughters coaxed  by buying each a  pack of KFCs.

 When we reached Pantai Remis it was already crowded with fellow stargazers. The moon shone brightly. The sky above the sea was cloudless.
But it was an anticlimax. By the time it reached 1.30 am the dark clouds begin covering the sky. We waited for a while but the meteor shower did not appear.
My star count is 1  ..huhu.
Merdeka Day..
On Merdeka Day we took the commuter train to the capital city to witness and was hoping to captures some moments  of the National Day Parade which we have been watching it on TV at the comfort of our home all these years.
I thought we started quite early in the morning but when we arrived at the Masjid Jamek MRT station , the Jalan Tun Perak was already crowded.
We twisted and turned our way  hoping to get a peek at the parade but still failed to even get a glimpse of the parade.
That night i watched the National Day Parade on YouTube.


Walking through the woods..

I drove to the neighboring village of Sijangkang just a few kilometres away when an old blogger friend tweeted me ..bro long time no see.. with a hashtag #DiscoverSijangkang and i wanted to find out what #DiscoveringSijangkang was  all about.

As  i passed the palm oil plantation, i noticed  there was a muddy stream and the waters was almost similar to the color of our teh tarik.  The village boys are enjoying the pool and the school holidays.


Further,  a kilometer up  i reached the Taman Rekreasi Paya Bakau Kg. Sijangkang confirming that i have not explored the area even though it was well  within my backyard.

If you wish to experience the Mangrove Swamp Forest,  you may want to try this 700 meters ..walks through the woods.



Welcome .. brings along your family and friends and you will not be disappointed..


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