The Kalakatu Brotherhood..

There is a group of guys in Kg. Idaman who called themselves the Kalakatu Brotherhood.

I don’t exactly know what this brotherhood is all about except that they have been together and living in the same kampung since their bachelorhood.  It will be quite interesting if i could ask them how they derived such a name which literally  means termites in Malay.

But i guess they are good termites. They invited me to join their family picnic trip by the river streams of Kg. Sempeneh in Batu Kurau, Perak  for the weekend overnight and i accepted it with an open arms. After all i had wanted to see how the state of Perak  is faring with their Visits Perak Year 2017.


Batu Kurau town on Sunday.

Some of the floras i manage to capture along the Sg. Kurau.

The Kalakatu Brotherhood,, do they look like a swarm of termites!!?   hehe



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