the election..

Its  been more than a month long since my last posting.

Many things has taken its place and the changing of the Malaysian government has been the most significant of event.

I was in a few WhatsApp groupings of old boarding school, friends and even groups among members of families. Ever since the election campaign started in the country, i can’t help noticing  each group that begins posting politics  will then rumble up into a hot political debate and will end up with someone ‘left’ the group though these groups were initially created as apolitical and on a common interest meant to bond members together.

I guess politics really do divide the people instead of getting them united.

And now that the election is over I sincerely hope that each and everyone of us will move on.

Pictures below were taken at the Fishing Jetty of the indigenous people of Pulau Indah about a month ago. I was with my other half, we were roaming around in search for some fresh fish.



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