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The House..


This is the house where i was born… well, that was almost 60 years ago

Taking into consideration that my late father was 27 years old when i was born and the house was built by my grandfather, this house could well be more than a hundred years old!

I wished i had the picture of the house looking from the side elevations as well.

The windows was originally a 3-leafed swing, hinged type and stretched down until the floor. One could see a full view of a person standing by the window. It was later changed to the naco glass louvres type at the time when it needed a change and was very much influenced by the need of convenience and so i guess.

The rear portion of the house which is the kitchen and dining is located on the ground level. Getting down to the kitchen was a foot-wide wooden plank steps also served as a sitting bench for most of the times.

The original roofing was made from attap leaves and i would remember the bats too were making it as their home. Once in a while in the morning we would notice them clinging along the edges.

Me and my siblings spends a great deal of time together with our cousins during the schools term holidays. We would walked to the shore and wade the muddy beach of the Selangor coastline digging it up for the sea shells and clams. We would then came back with a heavily tanned skin and of course we would not get away scott free from the nagging aunties.

It was in this house that we knew the other members of our father’s family and their individual characters while growing up. When the school term break came to an end we would then went back to our own home where we would go back to school. And we would  then be looking forward to the next term breaks.

Time flies like sands in my hand. Back to the present day, my late father’s portion to the small plot of the land surrounding the house was sold to one of my aunties at the time he was facing a difficult time. He was the last among his siblings to passed away. Recently one of our auntie’s children who are my cousin which we spent many times and fond memories together decided to sell the land to a non relative.

And like a movie,  everything that has a beginning will come to an end. The house has been demolished and a new house is being erected by the new owner of the land. All i have now is the picture above to recall the memories i once passed through this  nostalgic period of time in my humble journey in  life .


saigon after dark..


South Vietnam National Police Chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan executes suspected Viet Cong member Nguyen Van Lem, on the second day of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War.

On 31 January 1968, the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong launched a large-scale offensive attacking most major cities in South Vietnam simultaneously. The attacks came as a complete surprise for both the South Vietnamese Army and the American Army, as the Vietnamese Lunar New Year holiday of Tet had just begun, and a ceasefire had been announced for the duration of the holiday. Within a day, the streets of Saigon, a presumed safe hold, had turned into a battlefield. It would take the South Vietnamese Army and the American forces two weeks to regain control of the city.

The photographer Eddie Adams reported that after the shooting, Loan approached him and said, ” they killed many of our people and yours too” then walked away.

That was then , nearly 50 years later.. In late March 2017 a group of Malaysian flew over to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) on a company sponsored trip.

They tasted Vietnam black coffee, visited the war museum and cruised the Mekong river.

When the sun in Saigon has set itself for the day this group of people will then click on to their buddies and together they turn frenzy at the shopping streets.

Somehow there are always items seems still missing from the list and needed to be bought before flying home despite spending all the 3 nights at the Duong Nguyen An Minh aka the Malaysia street. If you runs out of VND you can always use the RM alternatively.

In Duong Nguyen An Minh if  you accidentally stepped on someone’s toes it is mostly likely be the toes of a Malaysian Makciks.

The Vietnam war ended some 40 years ago, yet its aftereffects remains visible until today. Despite the agonies of the war onto its people, the Vietnamese seems to have moved on.

And this young man probably a 3rd generation of post-war is happy to obliged  for a pose together when we visited the Cu Chi Tunnels.

jom kita berlabuh..

The states of Perak, Pahang and Trengganu are promoting tourism visits to their respective state simultaneously in this year 2017.

While Pahang’s effort is quite noticeable on TV, Perak with their heavy tagline world of wonders.. however seems too quiet though ..

At the beginning of the year Trengganu just could not be seen emphasizing this agenda as they are coping to a more urgent matter ie the flooding in the state. But the Englishman conversing in fluent local dialect  Mat Dan Kaki Jalan is gaining tremendous popularity as an unofficial ambassador for the east coast state.

In fact all the three states are facing similar predicaments. The flooding not only affected the three states but also to other areas in the states like Selangor and  even Johore.

And we are already nearing the end of first quarter of the year, i guess i better check how they fare ..and nobody is going to pay me for doing that.

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Introducing my own humble hometown…

Some sceneries captured around Port Klang.


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