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bright.. ?

I went to a place closer to home. A place glowed by brightly colorful lights.

It is not my first visit though.. i came here a couple of years ago with some internet friends. Friends that i cherished to this day. Some of them are very young they could even be my daughters. We were in a group, when facebook came into being the social media platform that we were engaged in, slowly dies off.

I could say that i was the last person holding the flag in that media until it cease to exist in the internet. Problem is, i don’t do facebook. I hope their life continues to bright as much as i am praying for my own.

My contract with the company expires..




riding the weekend..

I spent the weekend, outing with the grand children at the Safari Park of the Bukit Gambang Resorts City.

We rode the ATV in the safari and got quite closed  to the herbivorous animals. Then we rode the camel.

If you spend great time with the children could you afford to miss the pools?

a fishing rod and a camera..

In the evening, yesterday, i drove up to Pulau Indah.

I wasn’t really sure of any particular spot of where i wanted to go or do any specific activity. I have actually been to most parts of the island for countless of times. Not sure either to go for  fishing or taking pictures.

By the end of it i brought along both a fishing rod and my camera, 2 in 1. hehe

I stopped over at the Telok Nipah Fishing Jetty to check things out. There was a quite a number of people fishing at the jetty. Thought of joining them but when I looked at the  fishing rod and tackles, it seems there was still ‘work’ needed to be done. I need to construct a leader line and knot down the hook.

It will be easier if i just look around. And so i took out the camera instead, walk around and took some pictures.

After the fishing jetty i drove down back towards the bridge that connects the island and the mainland. Beside the main bridge there was also another bridge for the railway track. I have notice for quite a while of its existence but yet to see a train crossing it. The bridge for the railway track has then become a fishing spot for many anglers to get farther to the sea.

To get there i need to climb a retaining wall and some good samaritan has constructed a natural ladder by nailing some woods in between branches on a tree beside the wall.


From the bridge for the the railway track i was able to see some angle of the engineering shipyard and some portion of the South Port. i took time looking around and taking some pictures before driving back for home.


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