teluk senangin..


The scenery above was captured at the fishing village of  Kampung Batu 3, Segari in the district of Lumut, Perak.

We made a detour and stop over that evening to get some fresh supply of sea foods we hope to grilled while spending the night in Teluk Senangin by the beach.

We managed to buy and make do with some L size prawns at RM48/kg. while the boat for the fishes and squids was yet to arrive according to the fishmonger. Maybe some other time, we just did not want to wait. Beside the prawns, we also had chickens on the ember that night.


This probally the typical scenario in the morning at the beach where a veteran fisherman, i chatted with, and his big family lives. The catch was not that good today, he said.

The boats arrived at the beach  in the morning with the catch in a few bundle of nets. His son who has taken his role casting the crabs will then disentangle the crabs and some fishes that are trapped with it.

He don’t have to reach to customers, because they are always standing there waiting for him to finish the job. The catch you see in this picture was ours. We manage to booked it first before the others. Rm25/kg.

We drove home from Teluk Senangin  to traffic crawl last Monday just before the Sultan Yusuff Bridge which crosses the Sungai Perak in Teluk Intan. The price you normally pay for travelling during a festival holidays in Malaysia.

If the end of the previous weeks supposed to be a weekend getaway then we have gotten away practically every week! I am staying put and be lazy this weekend, schools is about to reopen.


I was in Sekinchan last Sunday and was very excited standing at this spot enjoying this breathtaking scenery.

I supposed this is not a river where water flows from the upstream but a man-made irrigation canal for the paddy fields. There are sluices at each stream connecting to every compartment of the paddy fields.

I guess the other half of the paddy field is also about to be harvested very soon.

I also visited the sea side of Sekinchan..

This picture is taken by the opposite side of the river mouth where the more popular Pantai Redang is located.

The Nahara..

The Nahara, Kalumpang Resorts decorates and lights up its compound using hurricane lamps not by burning kerosene but with modern electrical  spiral lightbulbs.

There are a few durian trees surrounding the villa and I thought we should have come over when the king of fruits was at its peak season.

The Nahara is located by the foothills of the Titiwangsa Mountain Ranges and along the Sungai Inki and which adjoined the main river Sungai Bernam. It is not so near but it is also not too far a distant away from where i lived in Port Klang. It takes about 45 minutes drive from Rawang and about 15 minutes from Tanjung Malim.

We came here last weekend when the state of Selangor is enjoying a stretch of public holidays from Saturday to Tuesday.

They selfied by the river, at the pool, on the field .. just about everywhere lah..

And .. i was one of them, haha.

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