Moving On..

It has been quite some times since my last visit to Sarawak.

And as time went by there are some eventful moments that took place that has in some way or another touched into my own personal being.

I have since been busy with my own routine but nevertheless still manage to find time exploring to several new places and countrysides too. Something i love doing since my younger days.

Dataran Bagan Datuk.

I drove to Bagan Datuk on one of the weekends and then took up long distance driving trip to around Perlis and recently we flew to Sabah and drove up a rented van from KK to Kundasang and to the tip of Borneo in Kudat.

Perlis Indera Kayangan.
In Kudat, Sabah.

In the recent event the country witnessed a change of government.

For many years i have been wary about Anwar Ibrahim being the prime minister. And today he is the prime minister.

I guess political parties has also taken a turn in their approach about being in power.

For all my life I had never or could ever imagine that UMNO and DAP would ever work and join together to be in the same coalition.. and today, my goodness, they are both part of the goverment of the day!!

Well i guess age is also fast catching up with me and i am picking up the wisdom from the many unexpected events in my own personal life.

Quietly i reminded myself that life is too short to be bothered about who should or should not be the prime minister.

Anwar Ibrahim has been so persistent in his quest to become the prime minister.. maybe he deserved it, give him his chance to prove himself and maybe the two parties i mentioned above are also together truly for the good sake of the country.

Year 2022 is about to come to an end in few days time.. well i guess i ‘d better wish reader of this humble blog a happy new year 2023. Be good, and be happy ya..

And a reminder to my ownself that..

‘the future is uncertain but the end is always near’.


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