Grease Lightnin..

I am quite amused by this video clip i received through my whàtsapp group today.

Perhaps i should share it here.

The video also carries a title in malay that depict on how retirees does their workout.

Well folks i am keen to believe that this particular senior citizen is not treating it as a workout but it was his moment of dancing like nobody is watching.

Olivia Newton John may have not noticed him in the past but i hope it would catch her attention this time.

Have a nice day folks..

CNY 2020.

We did not travel any where during the recent Chinese New Year holidays.

Guess we had enough of the traffic crawls and so we stayed in town enjoying life in slow motion.

And not all businesses are closed on the first day of the new year.

We had breakfast of nasi lemak. The rice is of basmathi grade and i thought it was certainly fit to replaced the one served by BA.

And we pampered ourselves by eating out. We also slurped some cendol and Hani said she is yet to find a cendol that is as flavoursome as this one in her almost 7 months living in Penang.

Well folks.. the first month of the year is about to come to an end and i certainly hope that each of us has a good start towards the rest of the months in 2020.. ya.

The New Decade..

Hi folks, we are already in the new decade 2020. Times really flies.. ya.

WordPress sent me an annivesary greeting.

It thanked me for flying with them and to keep up the gòod blogging.

I was like.. flying? I was crawling! ..ahaha.

Anyway.. it has been 10 years since. Sincerely, WordPress have been a great platform for me though this blog does not make any significant impact of its existence. Even friends has all turn micro blogger in their many WhatsApp groups.

Well, whats in it for me in this new decade?

He sits right on the spot where i would sit to rest after the house chores is finished and refuse to budge even an inch..

I think this little bully will posed a big threat to me this year. With his presence i am prone to be the subject of his bullying.

Wish me luck ..ya.