Crossing Negri Sembilan

Last weekend we made a road trip from Port Klang to Gambang by crossing the central region of the state of Negri Sembilan.

The route is such because we need to fetch our daughter from her college in Rembau and from there off we drove up the federal roads to Gambang, Pahang for yet another weekend get away in Bukit Gambang Resorts City.

I would say i managed some saving on the tolls but not the petrol. Any way it has been a trip worthwhile to me as i had the opportunity to explore and passing by the places located in the central region of Negri Sembilan which i have never been to before.

I didn’t take any pictures because i have encountered some problem with the dslr lens. Though the problem seems repairable DIY through the tutorial in youtube but the problem still persist.

In Temerloh we had the opportunity to taste the famous local delicacy of Patin Masak Tempoyak in Kampung Bangau most popular home restaurant called Selera Patin Bangau located by the Pahang River.

Orientals, and the Malays in particular, are a sensitive people: delicacy of sentiment is predominant with them.

In meantime i think i would have to start taking pictures using the mobile phone. And maybe the first thing to do is to replace my current mobile brand of ”cap ayam” first.

Maybe i should emerge again later..

G+ Closes Down.

Google officially made an announcement back in December 2018 and a couple of days ago it was already inaccessable. It has gone for good.

Nostalgically I was on G+ plus when it was yet to be open to the public. I was sort of invited to joint the trial run.

When it was finally open to the public I did my first posting with a remark that “i am testing it to see whether it could be the killer or be killed by Facebook” with a response from Maz Intan a diehard follower from the gone days of Multiply, another social network that became obsolete after Facebook emerged on the internet.

It’s so funny how social media was just this fun thing, and now it’s this monster that consumes so many millennial lives.

I wasn’t really that active in G+ or any other social media platform for that matter but i noticed so do those who are in G+, well i guess Google must have felt it was not worth maintaining it.

Anyway for my own personal notes and as a collection of memorabilia of that era i am posting here the profile that was never change from the beginning and some random posting..

The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.

I think social media has taken over for our generation. It’s a big part of our lives, and it’s kind of sad.

Well i guess everything that has a beginning will also have an equal ending to it.

Did i just create a quotation..?

Notes From Port Klang.

Last Monday marks the 1st year i went into retirement. So, i have my own sets of spiritual and physical questions to ask to myself. And i will answer it just to my own self…

Is that not funny?

I don’t know if i have become any wiser or not but since retirement i can’t help noticing that i have become more of a grandfather than a father. Maybe i keep the experience for a later postings.

Some old colleaques have been good and some of them have include me in their whatsapps group, maybe not to let me feel being forgotten.

Since retirement i have also taken more serious notes on the affairs and the going-on of the country and politics in particular. My review is that the country is in a terrible mess politically. Most politicians like to say everything they did is for the interest of the people and the nation, well.. i could see if it is so or just another crap of a political remarks.

Meanwhile, yesterday i received a congratulatory message from Google Maps saying i have reached a new record. My photos have been viewed for more than 4.5 million times! This blog would never able to reach a million. Seems i better be taking pictures than writing a blog.. haha.

We meet again sometimes..